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Blackpool And Fylde Sun Club

What preparations should I make before visiting Blackpool and Fylde Sun Club?

Generally none at all, apart from those you would normally make to go anywhere. It doesn't take much to make yourself presentable in a naturist environment. All you need is a towel.


Is it advisable for people with less-than-perfect figures to join a naturist club?

Yes - that's the whole point. Everybody is different, but naturists will like you just the way you are. It isn't in the least important what your body is like because people accept you in your entirety. That's all there is to you!


Will I have to go around naked all the time?

Well, nudity is largely the point of Naturism. However, a club is a place where you may take all your clothes off, not one where you must. Women may wish to wear a bikini bottom during periods; if outside, when the weather cools off, everyone will cover up. At our swims however, 99% of the time, people are nude.


I don't think my wife and I would have the courage to strip off our clothes in what is, in effect, public. How would we get over our inhibitions?

If you visit a naturist beach, you will soon feel that it is you who are out of step among all those naked people - men, women and children! Similarly, nobody expects you to undress the minute you arrive, but in most cases you will quickly feel the relaxed atmosphere and see how comfortable nude people are with one another. If you're a bit unsure, start by wrapping a towel around you. Once you feel at home, which often takes only a few minutes, you will feel free. But if you realise that Naturism is not for you, your clothes will stay on and you will leave. In all honesty, few can resist the call of Naturism once they have experienced it.


Do men ever become aroused during their first visit?

This is an age-old question among people who have not experienced Naturism. Nudity in naturist clubs is not sexually stimulating, and being naked in a social environment for the first time will give you plenty else to think about. There really is no need to worry, try it - you'll be fine.


What will people say if they find out I'm a naturist?

Most people are curious. Some are a little surprised. In general though, most people really aren't too fussed to find out you are a naturist. Other naturists are, of course, fully understanding and would want to protect your enjoyment of Naturism rather than jeopardise it. People are usually interested in the subject, and Naturism is something to be proud of.


When I told my friend I was visiting a naturist club, he was shocked and hinted that I would be mixing with undesirables. Is that right?

Naturists cover the complete range - singles, partners, married couples... There is nothing to offend even the most sensitive soul, and your friend is speaking without knowledge and has assumed wrongly that nudity must mean amorality. You only need to visit a club, beach or leisure centre evening to see what sort of people naturists are, and the pursuits we enjoy. Your friend couldn't be further from the truth.


Can I expect any real health benefits from naturism?

Absolutely! If you go to a naturist place you can get fit just enjoying the facilities: swimming and all the other games and sports. It's much more enjoyable than a gym as it doesn't feel like an effort or a chore, and having no clothes on means you don't get all hot and sweaty! You will also benefit from the general air of relaxation and freedom from stress.


I remember seeing that commercial on television, featuring nudists frying Danish Bacon. Isn't it dangerous to do certain things without the protection of clothes?

Yes, it is, which is why the sensible naturist dresses when doing certain jobs, or in cold weather, and is aware of the dangers of sunburn. But in any case, we aren't allowed to fry bacon in the swimming pool!


I / my partner have never been to a naturist event before and we are nervous.

Please do not feel nervous – everyone has had similar feelings the first time they 'went naturist'. Blackpool and Fylde Sun Club welcomes all genuine naturists to our swims. You will find members from all walks of life who enjoy socialising and swimming.


I don’t have the perfect body!

None of us have. There really is no such thing. Naturism the World over has people of all shapes and sizes and from every conceivable background, it doesn’t matter what you look like. You are who you are.


Do I have to 'strip off'?

We understand that the first time maybe a little daunting, you can use a towel to cover up until you feel comfortable.


Will I find 'other things' going on?

Most definitely not! Blackpool and Fylde Sun Club are a social club where like-minded people meet to enjoy social nudity and a little exercise – you will not find anything of a sexual nature – if this is what you are looking for please look elsewhere.


Do I have to belong to British Naturism?

Although it is not a requirement to be a member of British Naturism, the Club does recommend membership. Within BN you will find all the very latest information regarding what's going on and holiday tips. BN also has an active Young British Naturism section where young naturists can be amongst people of a similar age with similar interests. They also have many Special Interest Groups – visit: 


Some recent questions...and answers


I have piercings and tatoos. Can I still visit?

Of course you can. No problem.


I have stretch marks. Will people stare?

Not at all. Lots of people, both men and women have stretch marks. No one has a perfect body.


I'm shaven, you know. Will anyone look?

You're probably in the majority. It's the fashion. It doesn't matter if you have hair down there or not. It's your choice.


I'm worried people will stare at my scars.

Every scar tells a story. At naturist clubs, events and beaches, you'll see a whole array of scars. There really is no need to worry.


What if I bump into someone I know?

Great! Someone you already know has the same interest as you. If it's someone working at the venue, they have already shown their acceptance of Naturism by working in a naturist environment.


Do you accept singles?

Of course we do. No problem.


Any other questions? Just use the contact page and we will try our best to answer ASAP.




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